Big Pharma Assholes

About fifteen years ago my sister in law worked for a well known weight loss clinic that was supported by our local hospitals. She was treated to lavish trips, dinners and parties paid for by big pharma. I remember one night I went to the airport to pick her up after she had enjoyed a trip paid for by big pharma to Mexico. She told me of an amazing experience of lavish gifts and top quality meals all supplied by a big pharma company.

Her manner was intense and I felt she was probably inundated with some brain washing techniques to convince her that the drugs they were pushing were nothing less than miraculous. She became engaged in her work at the clinic to help people loose weight. She rose to second in command with her hard work and enthusiasm. She could sell a room full of extremely overweight people medicines that promised them excellent results. These medicines sold for approximately $10,000 per month. After monitoring the results for a few years she noticed the results were less then beneficial.

She approached the good doctor and suggested that the drugs had no significant benefit as  records over several years had indicated. He tried to convince her that the results had no scientific basis and the results she had concluded were less then credible. But she was the front line worker taking huge sums of money from these desperate people who had very poor results.

My sister in law fell into a deep depression and offered her resignation. The good doctor in an effort to make sure her experience was never shared with the outside world, offered her a rich dis-closer contract or risk litigation. Emotionally weak she took the money.

Many years later she still suffers the scars of that experience and the good doctor along with big pharma continue to steal and disillusion desperate people under the guise of hospital sponsorship and big pharma corruption.

This is just one story, I'm sure there are millions of others. Please watch the following video if you can find the time. It is very well made and informative. Health care and your health is probably the most important thing there is, this video will help you to make more informative decisions now and in the future.   
Uploaded 11/13/2010
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