Biggest Mistakes in History Month 1

Equal Gender Rights.



Women can't mentally do shit men can do, that's why women have a high ass suicide rate (aside from African American females)


You should know that women produce more emotion then men because both sides of their brains are crying sluts (produce emotion). Also, they don't have as much muscle mass as males.


On average a woman can't work 40 hrs a week (manual labor), fight wars, pay bills, defend the home, fix the house, run countries, make important descions, survive in the wilderness. Why? Because once that period and cramping kicks in those lazy bitches aren't good for shit exept using resources, time, energy, and money for tampons.


Women activites should remain as the following :

1) Gold digging

2) Pleasing johnny

3) Make babies

4) Opening beers

5) Shut the fuck up

6) Leave the real shit up to the men

7) Try not to use all the TP to whipe that fish smelling vagina.


Now women claim to be just as strong as men, punch a woman in the face and they cry like bitches. Kiss my ass and make me a sandwich. All that women are just as strong as men is bull shit. Only 2 women that I know that are as strong as men.


If you don't like this? Well, fuck you! Why? Because this is a fucking mans world, and you have to have a penis and balls.


- FuckyouIran


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