Bitch Fights

I was pondering this subject today after I saw some really bad bitch fight and it really doesnt make sense to me why us girls fight like such pussies, Like if I get into a fight im not going to pull hair and slap I'm going to bunch the chick in the face and own the bitch.

I am a resonibly small girl like I'm only 100 pound and im 5'5 and Im 15 but unlike most people tihnk I'm a fairly good fighter. Me and my sister fihgt ALOT and you nwould think that ebcause we are siblings we would hold back on eachother but no, we go full out like punching eacother in the face, kicking eachother in the face and just whailing on the other. If some chick wanted to fight me I personaly would walk away, why waste my time with her she obviously has the maturity level of a child but if someone were to attack on of my friend I would have to interfere because you jsut dont do that. BUt if some chick like attacked me I wouldnt just sit there and take a beating Id fight back and I would actualy FIGHT.

I find it amusing though because one chick tried to pull my hair while i was walking away and I jsut laughed because for those of you who know what I look like I have short bright red hair( dyed of course) And pulling my hair really doesnt hurt because the only way you can grab it is if you grab a huge chunk of i clocked her in the face.

I thope girls around the world will smarten up and not fight like a bitch. Or jsut smarten up and not run their mouths so they dont start a fight in the first place

Uploaded 09/16/2008
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