Black Friday Stampede

God damn Walmart. I fucking hate that place. It is a haven for morons, incredibly obese people, and people who just couldn't give a shit about others. There are always fat women in this automatic carts for handicapped people, cruising along, bumping into shit and each other. I am seriously surprised that there aren't more pile-ups. I have given up Walmart for the shit-stained, pile of human waste it is.


I'm sure most of you have heard about the stampede on Black Friday. Indeed, in the media clip I saw, it was "black" friday. Anyway, a crowd of people trampled a Walmart employee. They fucking STEPPED ON HIM until he DIED. Not crippled or fucked him up really bad. No. He died. Why? Because of the awesome Walmart sales of course! A 60 dollar camera is worth crushing a man's body in. Not to mention that 4 others were injured because of the MOB!


Jesus fucking Christ, is it really that important to get something on sale? What kind of people stomp on someone until they are dead because they need to get a 40" flat screen TV? "Savages" a black woman said, "they acted like savages". Bitch, you were there too! No one stopped to help this man. The one people who I heard tried got mauled by the crowd as well! Everyone just stepped on him on the way to the big sales. The news says that this man was trying to shield a pregnant lady from the massive crowd. She got hurt too.


Fuck all those people. I hope they rot in hell.


BTW- I want to thank the 11 people who came into Olive Garden the other day. If this ever gets around to them- thank you! You were a great table! You were easy, stayed for only an hour and left me a 61 dollar tip! You guys fucking rock!

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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