Blast Billiards

Blast Billiards is the most awesome game ever. I highly recommend everyone who happens to read this blog to instantly go try it. You don't even have to finish this if you don't want to. It's a ten level pool game where the object is to sink the bombs posing as pool balls as quick as possible. Level one starts out with the bombs at 100, then level two at 95 and so on. Starting with level three there's a new object placed on the board. it's a bunch of dynamite and you've got to try not to hit them, if you do your game is over. Points are acquired by sinking the balls. The game uses the number of seconds left on the ball to give you points (One second equals one point) There are various groups dedicated to the game which include a 3000+ point club and a 3300+ point club. both of which set goals to work towards. You could also choose to join a Blast Billiards tournament or make your own to compete against others. Another intersting aspect to the game is that user Hurricane1 has set up a Blast Billiards League in which scheduled games are played and results tabulated and it all eventually ends with an elaborate playoff system. Season one is wrapping up and Season two is about to being make sure to register by August 16th. Thanks for reading the blog now get out there and play Blast Billiards!

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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