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   This just in Patrick Swayzie is actually alive.  In my last blog Patrick swayzie called me and told me he had died.  Having never lied to me before I believed what he was telling me.  Here is the math     If Patrick swayzie told 0% lies then I am to believe 102% of what he says.  Solid math if I must say so.


  Unless He is a zombie.  It is very likely he has been a zombie and we just have not noticed.  If there is 50% Patrick swayzie is a zombie then there is 150% he will be a zombie in the next few days. The math does not lie. Again I am sorry about that last report Patrick swayzie is going a little insane with his death bed rants.


  Alright What are you guys up in to? Necrophilia? Why would someone read a story about a dead guy. Also to anyone who posts an actual death on Ebw , Please don't it is mean and not funny to all of those looking for a cheap laugh.  Seriously Bill from kill bill is dead? haha


   Haha Lolzors He will be missed .  Not by me but people who liked kill bill.  I bet he smelled like shit when they found him...  Was he into auto-erotic-asphyxiation ?? If not he was a closet case.  I bet he shit himself after he died.  If he was gay he shit semen also , they will need to DNA test his crap off the floor like in law and order SVU.  I pitch this for that show.  That would be another funny episode.

  I sure hope he is dead .  I would like to see Uma thermon dead.  Also the cast of american idol.  I wouldn't kill them but I assumed someone would have by now.


I need to check if swayzie is a zombie yet brb.


Matt the leader of zombies and still borns.

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