Breast exams.....

I wasnt going to write this after wallboy but I think this is important. This is only the beginning of the rationing of health care. The bill already cuts payments to doctors and in turn doctors will no longer want to except medicare patients. I know what many of you think "I will worry about that when I have to get medicare" and that is OK except what in the hell do you think Government option means? I myself am on medicare and my old lady got laid off and lost her health care as well so if you think about it my family will certainly benifit from a Government option. So Bo why dont you want the government option? I have talked to my doctors and I will lose two of the four I have, because of the drop in payments so when I hear the GREAT liars up there in the big white house say that nothing will change and I can keep my same doctors.........liar liar pants on fire.

Oh yes the breast exams, well I think women should decide when they want or need one because EVERYBODY knows that if guys were getting their dicks cut off then we would get free exams weekly if we wanted them. YES I know there is a difference between the two but yet its the same and you know that also.


 Thanks for reading Bohank

PS to be as cheesy as the other guys I am available to exam all breast (except guys) and with me you get experience because when most of these guys were sucking on the moms tit I was already well versed in the handling and ejoyment of these very wonderful gifts from God.

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