Broken heart

So this is it...

This is goodbye, until you get your head back on right. You are choosing a guy you just met, to have a relationship with, have a new life with, to move into a place with. You have problems you need to fix. I have problems I need to fix. We are both fucked up.

You filled my head with lies and empty promises, not once did I ever prove or show unfaithfulness. You somehow, found a way, to play with my heart and mind to your advantage so you could get what you wanted. 2 and a half years of our lives gone... Do you even know his last name?

I love you with all my heart, I still do, and always will. You can't expect us to jump right back into a relationship after you're done with him. It is going to take time for my wounds to heal. You put me through hell and back these last 2 and a half years, and still I stuck through it...all because I love you.

My birthday is in 15 days. You have officially ruined it. I was hoping to spend it with you, but now that hope is shattered. Now I do not know what I will be doing on my birthday. Scraping my money together for rent is most likely. Are you going to be giving me money for that like you said? Or is that going to be another broken promise as well?

To finish this, I wish you and Challen the best of luck. If he tries to do something you don't want to do, or if he tries anything funny or abusive, call me. That is the only time I will allow you to call. Only because I love you. Try to save a space for me in your heart, so when you realized what you did, you know I'm always there. I love you a lot, and hope you find out who means what in your life.

I just wished you knew what you were doing...


John-Michael Campo

Uploaded 08/14/2008
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