Bro's Pro's II

I cannot agree more . I also think that the Canadian governments and Provincial and Municipal are also ( RUN) by sociopaths as well . This is evident in our socialist stance regarding health care , education, etc. We also have psychopaths in business who are in league with them since big business are getting tax breaks while the worker is taxed even more. The laws have always been written by the aristocracy and or elite for their self aggrandizement. The only peoples or nation that I can think of that was not were the French after their revolution when they beheaded the royalty and the judicial class. Its the only way that the common man (working class) can get some form of justice imperfect though it may be. Not all judicial or governing men and presently women are psychopathic but I think most are. There are some idealist among them but they are far and few between. The only way that man will ever be free of these types is when we are truly self governing and that's not about to happen very soon.

Uploaded 04/09/2010
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