If you know Buckethead, you probably agree with me that it's one of the creepiest musicians in the world. Brian Patrick Caroll, because that's his name, is one of the most renown guitar virtuosos and multi-instrumentalists. He's being called "Buckethead" because of his uncanny looks. He performs with a white expressionless mask over his face (the legend says his face is deformed) and a bucket on his head - either a plain white one or a KFC bucket with "FUNERAL" written on it.


Even though his name and birth date (May 13th 1969) are known, almost nobody has ever seen Buckethead without his mask on. Not many people have heard of this genius musicians before 2001, when he replaced Slash as the lead guitarist for the band Guns'N'Roses. It turned out that he not only could step up to the famous guitarist, but he learned to play his solos perfectly, more than that - he played them much faster and with better accuracy... which is also very fascinating, since he doesn't look at the fretboard when he plays. 

Another weird aspect of his play is that he gives the impression of a robot - he often moves in short skippy manner, and his fingers move with such precise and speed, that he looks very... inhuman on stage. If you're a fan of books written by Jeff Somers, you probably noticed he looks like a Monk (a cyborg with uniform  plastic mask used as a face and with human brain), which is one of the reasons I like Buckethead even more.

If you think you haven't heard him play before, I bet you did and don't know it. Did you watch the movie Mortal Kombat? Guess who composed the sound track...

 He also had his hands on the Power Rangers theme, Saw II or Last Action Hero among many others. Another thing is he doesn't limit himself to one genre. He also has a variety of unique techniques he invented for the guitar. Here is probably the most recognised of his works, Big Sur Moon played live. Note that he plays the whole thing on one guitar.

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