Calm Your Asses Down, Bloggers

Recently there has been a lot of alarm about the supposed limitation for blogs. While this is partially true, non of the quality bloggers have been affected. What am I talking about?

It has been a long time practice from spammers and attention whores to flood this section with their garbage. Although a normal person would realise how futile it is to make an account to spam ads in the blogs to get 4 views on them before getting their account suspended along with the spam pasta, some retards apparently thought of it as a great idea, and continued to sign up new accounts daily, to put their ad trash here in numerous amounts.

The new system implemented by the blog moderator Pepperpeanut and his dev team has been planned out in such a way that it minimises the chance of an idiot spammer flooding our blog section. I won't get into detail here, but you have probably noticed already that the new system is working great and, thanks to Pepperpeanut and the talented coders in his team, this issue has been solved.

That's one thing, the other is the blog cut system designed for copypasters, plagiarists and eReps whores. You most likely already noticed the whine from Letemdangle and Higgs_Boson about their blogs being limited to one paragraph. They've been trying to sound like they are victims of a bug. Some stupid people might think that's how things go, but... you did notice quality bloggers, like me, or Tyaeda, had recently written blogs which sometimes were over TEN paragraphs long. And no blog clipping occured.

What's the matter, then? Users like Letemdangle and Higgs_Boson are know for posting word diarrhea and copypasta and eBone whoring. The term means that these users often posted some long article that wasn't theirs, or, quite the opposite, wrote a bunch of blogs in short time, consisting of a short thought, with an embedded video, encouraging people to put some thought about it in the comments.

In other words... your blogs will NOT be cut off UNLESS you're a spammer/copypaster/plagiarist/eBone whore or a plain whiny troll. If you are a new user and wish to express your mind in this section, go ahead and do it. We encourage new writers. Don't pay attention to the butt hurt trolls 1starring you from 20 or more alts because they can't write as well as you do. Don't take their hateful comments seriously, either. There's a lot of whiners here. You best ignore them and they will go away. As for us, quality bloggers, we are free to express ourselves here.

Have a great weekend. I will be getting drunk on gold vodka tonight. It's one of my favorite alcohols. It's not only 40% in volume, it's also delicious. It's sweet, but not too sweet. It's vodka and you don't have to mix it with anything to add any flavor, because it had this subtle distinct flavor of its own. Amazing drink. I highly recommend it if it's imported at your local liquor store.  

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