Chocolate Milk

This is a blog response to white_chocolate.

You have to understand that in this world, a lot of people have their own opinions and they have just as much right to say them as you.

That being said, I am one of these people. It also happens that im not like most people. Call me weird, a lefty, whatever you want. I do not care. I dont care because NOBODY SHOULD CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET THINK OF THEM. If you believe in what you wrote strongly enough, whatever others say to challenge your idea wont affect you.


The fact that youre writing a hate blog towards me only shows how little confidence in yourself you have. You need to try to put someone down to get you up again. Youre wasting your time in trying to bash me because it will only make me laugh. Remember those stories by x22tizzle? Hilarious I tell you!


This blog is not meant to make you feel like an asshole. I dont really wanna fight with you, thats just a waste of time. Im inviting you to agree to disagree. Not because im afraid youll write more hate-blogs, but because when I read your blog about living life I saw that you can be more than some kid expressing how lemurs can be cash.


So if you wanna catch me a delicious bass, Im ready to call it treuce with ya ;)


aunt platy

Uploaded 05/25/2009
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