Choosing a Name For Your DnD Character

I have promised to write a blog about the difficult task almost every rpg fan struggles with. How to come up with a name for your player. It's especially difficult for the game masters because they need to give names to their NPCs.

There are several methods. I'm going to describe my favorite ones.

1. Get a copy of a name book from a Scandinavian country. The names used in Sweden or Finland or Norway sound great for RPG characters. Fafnir, Snortlar, Svenrick, Gudrun, Heinklotz - you can almost feel their powers.

2. Take your name and make it sound RPG-ish. How to do that? It's simple. Let's say your name is Bert Johnson. Your RPG name could sound like Beartonir of Johtram. Experiment.

3. Read a few words backwards and combine them. When you find something that sounds interesting, break them down to short parts and glue the segments together. Example? Something = > Emos Gniht. You have a name there already.

I'm glad I could help. It's not so tough once you know some methods. Feel free to share your own.
Uploaded 08/01/2011
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