Clash of the Titans

Well, I was a bit bored this afternoon, so I went to go see the new 3D movie - Clash of the Titans (wasn't going to go see that 3D Dragon movie - well, perhaps I should have)


First off, the goddamn greedy producer(s?) were cheap with the 3D - only a few scenes looked hafl decent, most were dark, fuzzy and horrible images (don't get me started with the Hade's demons - was getting dizzy trying to watch that)  But I will give credit to the kraken and the medusa, now they were awesome.

Now, I know this is an action film, but damn, give the characters some development - but you hardly get any (even with Perseus, the main lead)  Sorry, but if you don't feel anything towards the characters, you don't give a shit if they live or die (which they all do in the battle with the medusa - opps, should I have told you spoiler?  Not really, since all the characters around Perseus are cannon fodder)

I know many of you ebw blog viewers have zero interest in Greek mythos, but WTF - why have a djinn - where in the fuck are they in Greek mythology (but I am thinking this shit was thrown in here to give people a taste for the upcoming Prince of Persia movie)

At best this is a B-action movie with a shitload of money thrown at it.  I for one hope it flops at the box office, we don't need more garbage like this being made.


So ya, my recommendation - don't bother going to see it at the theatre (and if you do, see it in 2D - unless you like being disoriented)

Uploaded 04/04/2010
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