How cocaine fucked up my life:

Early one morning while making the rounds,

I snorted a ball of cocaine and I shot my bitch down.

I went right back to my crib and crashed in my bed,

but I stuck my 45 Magnum beneath my head.

I woke the next morning, and kissed my gun. 

Took a shot of cocaine and made a run. 

I ran like a motherfucker but I ran too slow.

They overtook me down in Juarez Mexico.

While in a cheap hotel, watching the Hills,

in walked the sheriff from Jericho Hill.

He said milestyles, your name is not Jack Brown,

You're the dirty fuck that shot your woman down.

I said yes oh yes my name is miles, it's me,

if you've got the warrant just aread it to me.

I shot her down because she was a whore,

I thought I was her pimp but she had five more.

When I was arrested I was dressed in black.

They put me on a train and they made me smoke crack.

I had no friend to post my bail,

so they slapped my massive penis right in jail.

Early next morning about a half past nine,

I spied the sheriff coming down the line.

As his mom took my penis in her throat,

He said,"Come on you dirty fuck into district court."

Into the courtroom my trial began,

where I was brought in, from my van.

Just before the jury started out,

I saw the judge pull his little cock out. 

After five minutes in walked a midget holding his cock in his hand.

The verdict read,  "You're fucked like a 90's boy band."

The judge he smiled as he looked for his cock,

and said 99 years under mothafuckin' lock.

99 years underneath that mound. 

I can't forget the day I put that bitch in the ground

Come on! You've gotta listen unto me!

Lay off that crack, and let that cocaine be!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 05/09/2009
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