Continuing the trend - Jacking Off Stories

I thought I'd continue the "Being caught jacking off" stories, since I have a pretty funny one.


I was out on one of those trophy trips with my soccer team when I was around 12. Having recently gone through puberty and figuring out how much fun and pleasure I could get from jacking off, I was on edge 24/7. We were at the Sonic fast food place, when I knew I had to get to a bathroom soon, or I would explode. I quickly ran to the bathroom, claiming a number 2 emergency. I ran through a door and entered the bathroom, finding the stall. Using a porno I had recently watched (and thought I was extremely badass for watching) I started the process. As I finished, the bathroom door opened, and I put my feet up, so as not to be soon. I heard a, "Hello, is anyone there?" but I didn't answer. Praying to God, Allah, and whatever god I could think of, I wished he would leave. He then brought in a mop and starting cleaning the bathroom. I started wiping up as quickly as possible, but I was too late. The kid opened the door and caught me. Obviously trying not to laugh out loud, he ran out of the bathroom. I finished cleaning up and had to embarrassingly walk through the store. We made eye contact, and I still know what he looks like to this day.

Uploaded 05/09/2008
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