convenience store drive ins

I deliver to gas stations. One of my stores had this happen twice in 3 months. They had to put concrete posts up outside to stay insured. No B.S. within 2 weeks one of the posts was knocked out of the ground. 2 of those accidents were because the drivers were on a cell phone. Another store 3 blocks away had a woman drive in on them. There was great video of it but they wouldnt post it. In that incident a woman had left her coffee on the counter walked back to get it and missed being hit by seconds. that woman was on her phone as well. Not to preach but be careful especially if your a retarded dumass who doesnt drive too good without distraction. Still the best one I saw wasnt because of a cell phone. It was around 1990, I was at a post office buying stamps. There was a hill to come up to get in the parking lot. Parking was to the left hand side the length of the post office. I was waiting in line and looked out to see an old couple pulling in the lot. He was driving slow and pulled into a spot right up front but he must have hit the gas instead of the brake he bounced that car over the concrete barrier and over the curb he turned left missed the building and headed for the stairs. there was a double handrail in the middle of the stairs that stopped his progress cold. However instead of stopping he hit the gas harder his front wheels were angled left and he spun the rear tires and it straightened him out. I told the guy behind the counter, "Hey man someones driving down the steps." There was probably 25 people in the place who first looked at me like I was nuts then looked out the window just in time to see the handrail give. Its about 10-12 steps down to the street level and his brakelights didnt flash at all. It bounced that car around pretty bad but by the grace of God he didnt flip or roll it. He made it to the street turned back into the lot and pulled into the same spot, The guy from the counter was opening the door while we were still all in shock. The old man  stopped and parked and his wife bounced out and said to the guy at the door "I gotta get stamps." She walked in the door as if nothing unusual had happened, straight to the counter, while everyone who had been in line just gaped, and ordered a book of 20 stamps. The female teller was stunned but sold her the stamps and gave the lady her change. She hurried back out and climbed in the passenger side telling her husband to hurry or they would be late. When I left a minute later she was PO'd about being held up while they got their insurance info. I went to a grocery store and got stamps with no further issue. I still laugh thinking about that couple.

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