Corporate Ads for Politics

I'm a little behind the eight ball on this, but I just had to bring this up.

As You folks know I usually stay away from the political arguments but after 1-2 months of watching the Governors race here in Florida, I had to bring this up.

In January this year the Supreme court:

"By 5-4 vote, the court overturned federal laws, in effect for decades, that prevented corporations from using their profits to buy political campaign ads. The decision, which almost certainly will also allow labor unions to participate more freely in campaigns, threatens similar limits imposed by 24 states.

It leaves in place a ban prohibiting corporations and unions from directly contributing funds to candidates for any use."   (NBC News services)

They in effect termed the unlimited spending allowed on advertising "Free Speech"

What the Fuck? Now there is virtually no limit on what a Corporation can spend on advertising and I know they have  alot of money.

Now here's the really cool part, in today's global economy there is no "American" company they are mostly multinationals with agendas not necessarily in tune with our best national interests.

Is this important? Hell Yeah! this gives special interest a whole new meaning because while corporations cannot donate directly to a campaign, we have all seen the effectiveness of PAC's and this particular ruling makes PAC's seem like  Boy Scout troops advertising a carwash on the street corner.

I know that slick advertising has captured my fancy and I like to think that I am a little more sophisticated than some but this ruling in effect allows the corporations to bombard the masses with whatever message they want in effect directing opinion  and poliitgical agendas in their preferred direction and let's be serious that is in a direction they prefer not what may be best for the electorate.

Imagining Chase Bank or Enron Running the Country.




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