Craigsshit Wanted Ads: Awesome Retard Scooter

Mobility Scooter - $1400 (Ossignton and Davenport)

Date: 2009-06-16, 2:29PM EDT

I have a mobility scooter for sale. It belonged to my grandmother, who bought it a few years ago but didn't use it. It is still in perfect working condition. It is dark blue, has 3-wheels and the seatback folds down. It has adjustable speed and forward and reverse all accessible from the handles. I don't know the make or model, but I've seen similar models on here for around this price, however, I am willing to negotiate. I don't have a car, so you will need to come and pick it up, I can't deliver it.

------------------------------------- Wrote:


So, me and my friends were wondering if you would sell this to us eventhough we are not handicapped or old. We are willing to pay double. In all honesty we will probably trash it. Ride it down steep hills, Take it off sweet jumps and maybe even dress up like old men and bust some awesome pranks!! What do I have to do to take this ride off your hands?




Andrew Replied:


if you want it, all you need is the cash. i really couldn't care less who takes it off my hands. but if you do jump it or anything like that, film it and post it on youtube, that'd be awesome. just let me know when you have the money and i'll tell you where you can pick it up.

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