Crazy Fucked Up Love Triangle

This is my only, and hopefully last, experience with a fucked up love triangle. Really fucked up. If you dont give a shit, then leave. I won't use real names.

I had a boyfriend (Chuck).  He has a sister (Cassie).

Cassie was my best friend, since I was 5 years old. Up to this day, she still is.

Cassie is a lesbian. Back when I was dating her brother (Chuck), she had a girlfriend (Courtney). Courtney was bisexual. She used to be my childhood friend, until she moved to a different state.

One day, about 2 years ago, She moved back to my state.

I found out Chuck (PANSY) cheated on me with Courtney (NASTY). So, Chuck cheated on me with his sisters girlfriend.

And that would mean Courtney cheated on Cassie, for her brother.


So, Courtney and Chuck, left Cassie and me. They ran off together, and moved into a house. Well, while Courtney is with Chuck, she is fucking his sister too. AGAIN.

Cassie and Courtney fuck allllll the time.

So, Courtney is cheating on Chuck, with his sister!!!

AND, he doesn't even know. Thats fucked up! Hahaha, but funny.

Because what goes around comes around Chucky Boy! (Especially since your bitch ass will be getting married next month.)

Anyways, Cassie and I are still very close.

She is still hurt, I am rather disgusted, so we both say fuck 'em! No one needs anyone like that.

And for the plain truth:

Chuck deserves to be fucking a girl who fucks his sister.

For all he done to me, he knew these days would come!

Oh and I bet he really smashes that shit too. Haha.

And it's sad when you hear about someone going down on practically their sister.

And they don't even know about it.

Uploaded 10/10/2008
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