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NOTE: This is after Greg's and rebecca's date. This goes with part 49. I wrote this after I already posted the entry. It struck me as funny so I wanted you readers to see it. I promise there will be a final draft here once I am finished.

    Donny walked in with a sour attitude. He was wearing a third outfit that Greg did not recognize. Having three pairs of clothes meant Donny was a little better off. Greg greeted Donny, but received at first only a low noise as an acknowledgment.
Then, Donny did an honest to goodness double take, first looking at Greg, then snapping his head back a second time. A look of apprehension was on Donny's face.
"What's wrong with your gunshot wound?" Donny asks, with mounting concern.
Greg is baffled.
"Whattya mean?" Greg asks, mirroring Donny's disturbed demeanor.
"Is your neck infected?" Donny asks, getting closer, his mouth open and nostrils flared in a mix of disgust and fascination, "It's all black and purple."
    Greg's tenseness leaves him. Nothing relieves more than the banishment of bad news.
    "Rebecca got a bit carried away at the club," Greg says, bringing out the braggart in him, "We drank a lot and she went crazy."
    Rather than offering kudos to Greg's prowess, Donny shrugs and turns away. Once settled into a bad mood, negativity can roust. Jealousy was combining with whatever animosity Donny was harboring towards Greg right now. Gus walks up next, takes one look at Greg's bluish patch of skin and speaks.
"Nice Hickey," the King says.

(this is after they are dropped off)

As Greg drops them off at the Y, they pile out. Gus pauses a moment and speaks his mind.
"So man?" Gus asks cravingly. Greg is bewildered.
"So what?" Greg asks.
"Did you score?"
"Oh, please, Gus."
"C'mon, you can tell me, I'm just curious."
"A gentleman does not tell."
    Gus studies him for a moment, trying to decode Greg's answer.
"you didn't get any." Gus says unmercifully, "Only a fag would give that answer."
"I got some action, but the kid woke up, and you know the rest. I ended up beating my dick like it owed me money."
"Did you see her boobs?"
    Now it's Donny's turn to act indignant.
"Gus, you perverted old butt plug. Greg doesn't have to explain himself."
"I saw like, a quarter titty," Greg divulges, "a little nip, nothing more."
"Did you at least feel em?" Gus asks with consternation.
"Oh, I felt em alright," Greg says with a vulgar grin, "She was getting all wet, man. the faucet was running."
    Gus closes his eyes comically and wears a creepy little smile.
"Don't mind him, Greg," Donny says through chortles, "he's disturbed."
    Gus gives Donny a rowdy little shove. Their hijinks continue as they make their way up to the YMCA side entrance. At least they will avoid the front desk by doing that, Greg thinks tiredly.

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