crook Takes Pawn part 92

    The garage was spotless now. After hours of sweat and effort, all things were either disposed of, or donated. Donnie and Greg sat in the Chevy Caprice munching on french fries and burgers.
    "Vhis is Argsoume" Donnie mumbles through his food.
    "What's that?" Greg asks, "I'm sorry, I don't speak 'mouth full of shit'. You animal."
    Donnie chuckles and washes his food down with a drink. "This is awesome, I said."
    Donnie turns the key and snaps on the radio. They both hear a strange whirring sound, from the rear of the car.
    "What's that?" Greg asks.
    "That's the antenna. It's got a fucking electric motor, dude!!" Donnie says.
    The car still has the original factory radio, equipped with twist knobs and a red line to indicate the current station. Fittingly, the radio is tuned to a golden oldies channel. For the time being, they keep the car parked. Greg is unsure about the title situation, and registration and all that crap. If following George's prior history has taught him anything, its that fathers can be delinquent in their affairs.
    Greg drove Donnie back to Digital Dreams. "Do you have your license?" Greg asks randomly.
    "Yeah, but it's expired," Donny informs.
    "But you still have it, though? Like, it wasn't taken away, or anything."
    "No, I've never had my license revoked. Why?"
    "I was talking to Rebecca last night. She's willing to sign the title of the Nissan Maxima over to me. So, the car will be in my name, and I really don't need the Lebaron anymore."
    "Right." Donnie says blankly.
    "So, do you want the Lebaron? I can't really sell it, since it overheats. I'd be willing to just sign it over to you, no questions asked."
    "Are you kidding?"
    "Well, Donnie, I know it's not the best car in the world, but it runs and--"
    "No, I mean, hell yeah, I'll take it!! Of course I'll do that!!"
    Greg tells Donnie this is an added bonus of looking after his store. He says that trust is a valuable commodity, and things of that sort. Donnie listens, and nods at the right times. He is tuned out by this new exciting prospect: No longer will he have to rely on his two feet for transportation now. Four rubber wheels would replace the wear on his soles.
    When Greg got back to Rebecca's channel 9 was showing the footage shot just recently. Rebecca didn't like how she looked on camera.
    "I look like a fat hog," she says without humor.
    "The camera adds ten pounds," Greg insists, "just look at my fatass!! I look like a fucking hippo!!"
    Rebecca is self-conscious of how she broke down in front of the film crew. Greg reminds her that it is simply because she is a straight-forward person, and doesn't hide away her emotions. They both watch her sobbing, as Greg comforts her over the broadcast. It's like an out-of-body experience.
    "We should record this," Greg suggests, "Don't you have a DVR box?"
    Rebeca presses a few buttons on her remote and REC shows up in the corner. The report puts them both in a good light. The final shot they show is of the Digital Dreams business logo, stamped across one of Ben's computer towers.
    "One man's nightmare has turned into another different dream altogether. Here's hoping this dream turns out better than before."
    Rebecca snaps off the TV, leaving them in utter quiet. Julie has already been laid down. In the murky darkness, Greg feels her hand search for his, and finding it, squeezes tightly.
    "I meant what I said," she whispers, "I owe you my life, and the life of my daughter."
    This was perhaps the dozenth time Greg has heard this from her, but it still gave him goosebumps. It always would. That same hand of hers grabs his groin, and works its magic. They undress partially, bottoms down, and make love on the couch. It is satisfactory for both of them, but is done with an almost silent intimacy. Rebecca has bought a stash of condoms, and they are within ready reach of almost every room of the house, including the living room where they reside now.
    Rebeccas slender body is lit from the streaming moonlight through the window. Half her body is shadow, but he still caresses that darkened side. Even through the decreased sensitivity of the rubber, Greg fights to hang on. She repeatedly whispers her love to him, and this is the biggest turn-on of all for him. He supposes he will spend his entire relationship with her trying desperately to satisfy her the way she does him, but knowing it will never equal out.

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