Currently Earthquaked

My mom was visiting my home slash float center yesterday. Her flight was taking off at 6am, so i went to my buddies house and had a beer n joint, cuz i knew (oh, 0:15, minor aftershock) i could not get any sleep; she was going to wake me up at 4 am to open the door and get her a cab. I came back at 2 am and listened to some music. At 3:30 her alarm clock rang and she got up. I was surfing the net, when a tremor started. My mom was in the next room, when i shouted "mom, i dont think this is just a tremor". "of course it is!" she replied. Tremors are very normal on this side of the world, so she didnt seem to mind. Then it started. Books going off the shelves, the whole house started to move.


"Its a fucking earthquake mom! lets go downstairs and out". i grabbed her by the arm and we went outside. Try walking on Jello, thats the only thing thats close to the feeling. sparks from the street lights, people shouting, dogs barking, alarms going on. There was this tweenie party two houses down from my house, lots of pre adolescents shouting "OMFG!!" running outside, falling down, cuz you could not walk on the moving floor. It lasted 2 minutes. Then silence. A small wall fell down in front of us, everything was dark, a huge blackout. Then I noticed there was a huge full moon, casting an unreal white glow on everything. I felt strangely comfortable looking at it, my mom crying, and me looking at this huge white disc. That moon was there when the dinosaurs got swept out, when 2 world wars ended. Silent witness of all our fuck ups and of all disasters we've suffered. I felt grateful that it cast its light down, on us, on the city.


I spoke to neighbors that i had never met, we shared coffee and tea, i hugged the cute girl from across the street, never thinking about getting it on with her as I always do, but like a honest human being, comforting her, saying its alright, dont worry. She was alone, her folks where in some beach. Then i got pissed with myself because i wasn't with my actual gf, she lives in an apartment, i thought the worse. I got through to her on the phone an hour after, she had a panic attack, but her folks where there for her. Today, i just feel love for my people, they behaved alright, everyone helping everyone, no colors or social status looked. I hope this continues.

Just wanted to share this with you, I have slept 3 hours in total, aftershocks are still going on, 1 city is in ruins in the south, and the moon is still shining outside my window. And it will still shine when im gone and u too. Take care.



Uploaded 02/27/2010
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