Cyber Relationships

Im not talking about 2 losers who give false descriptions of themselves and fall in love together in a chat room. Dont even get me started on that. I had a friend ( who was great looking, fun and everything btw) who once got engaged to some girl over the internet and it turned out she wasnt a model, she was just some 18 year old fat chick in pink sweat pants with really bad big curly red hair...


What Im talking about is social interractions with people you never actully meet in the flesh but that you get to know and appreciate at some point after daily exchanges. Sounds familiar? If it doesnt youre fuckin retarded because thats exactly what we are doing here, on this site, every day.


The problem? It is not 'socialy acceptable' to talk about or even just admit that you have e-friends. Friends in real life and e-friends are 2 totally different things but a friendship si simply a social interraction so why not call a cat a cat??? You can call it a kitty, a pussy, a vagina... in the end its still a damn cat.


So Ive done some thinking and I decided that from now on, I will not be ashamed of having a cyber-life. I like going on the internet, looking at dumb shit and talking about it with you guys. I even like it when someone tries to pick a fight because there will always be good laughs out of it. I like uploading content and read the comments afterwards. I love the Pirate Bay for all the movies and series ive been able to watch. The internet has become a part of my daily life just like having dinner with my boyfriend, taking care of my little sister, going shopping with friends or talking on the phone with my mom.


Some people watch TV everyday, I surf the net everyday. I can go for weeks without opening my TV other than to play some Guitar Hero(wich i totally rock, at medium lol). But that, will be another blog.


This is aunt Platy saying I love you all very much, even the assholes (yes thats you tizzle!)

Uploaded 06/12/2009
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