Day 5 Without Alcohol

I don't feel like drinking today. What I feel is anger. And frustration! So like I've been playing this stupid ass mission for Brucie. You drive up to some dork's car, borrow it and drive up so a street race. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It's not!

So, first off, in GTA IV, when you fail a mission, you can restart it by using the cell phone in the game. The thing is... you start basically from the beginning. So every time you fail the damned race, you're back at the garage. Gots to catch a cab and go to the car (unless you wanna drive there yourself), then you drive up a few blocks and race.

This mission is ridiculously hard! So like the damned car can burst out in flames when you crash against some shit. But yeah, the other cars don't seem to follow the same rules. You go on ahead? Even though the other cars hit the traffic, or lamps, they'll soon catch up. You, on the other hand, won't. Cause once the other cars get ahead of you and out of sight, they have no obstacles to hit. When they're in front of you, they hit the obstacles a lot. They also hit YOU!

This damned game. I've replayed this stupid mission like over 20 times already. I even placed trucks strategically in front of the other cars, so they'd hit them, but that was pointless. When the weather was nice, the steering was nice, too, but the other cars were much faster! So like during a rainy weather the steering was shit but at least I could maneuver the car enough so that I drove slowly and carefully and the other cars kept crashing. What happened? The stupid ass game crashed on me!!!! When I was in the lead.

Uploaded 07/16/2013
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