Dead Space......

No this is not a blog about the lack thereof between a blonde's ears.

   I have been playing Dead Space alot lately and the game is just sick! Yesturday I had a 1/2 day off. (i say half a day because i only worked one job .) So I blazed up a bit with some sticky icky icky haze my friend so kindly picked up for me. My god was that a beautiful sight! it was a purple and yummy even the seeds where like neon purple. but anywho, not the point of the blog.

   If you have not had the honor in playing this game yet. I highly suggest you either go to the store or hit up your fav torrent site. The only downfall is it is NOT first person shooter.(i cannot play these games i get very dizzy for some reason. I guess its the way my brain processes the view.) and the camera angle is a bit annoying but everything else is awesome. First of all, turn off the lights, plug in your headphones and turn the volume up. YOU WILL BE FREAKED OUT! All through game play you hear voices in the background. Not just voices but whispering. screaming, crying, you hear the slight growl of the monsters. The music is so intense. Every time i sit down and play my heart races.

   The first time I played this game i was sitting in the livingroom with my b/f and his mother, they were watching TV and I had the headphones on. All my sensors where in overload. I got surprised by a alien monster, I got so freaked out that my knee hit the drawer that pulls out for the keyboard causing the keyboard to fly backwards taking out all the wires that are behind the desk. Pulling the speakers backwards and knocking pretty much half the desk over. (i have the speaker set up in a surround sound setting, one speaker for each corner of the desk). So there i sat in the wake of the disater, His mom was cracking up laughing as I was cursing my pussy ass fear level.

   So last night I played a marathon of 4 hours stoned off my ass. It was great and relaxing. Wait i should not say that becasue i am stuck in the ER of chapter 5 with this regenerating monster. I have use stasis to "freeze" him till the stupid bitch unlocks the door but i cant keep my health up long enough for her to unlock it. ITS KILLING ME. it pretty sad to Im not even halfway and Im stuck already. SO 2 hours of game play was devoted to trying to get past this one part. Yes I googled it to try to see how i could get past it. Everyone said the same thing "use stasis blah blah blah bitch unlocks the door blah blah blah." Whatever I have a nice 3 hour lay over till my second job today so I think Ill hit the sticky icky and try again.

Thanks for reading.

Those are my two cents and I want this monster to die

Uploaded 11/18/2008
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