Did I screw-up or is it just fine what I done?

Okay, so there's this girl who I sorta started seeing and then lost interest in way back in the high school days, which were quite a few years ago. Some guys think she's hot but to me she looks pretty average and more importantly she's a bit ditzy and goofy in da head. Anyway, I guess I sorta rejected her and it maybe messed her mind a bit.

This gal seemed to get her self worth from wiener, and guys wanting to do her, and she probably been banged by a whole host of dudes.

Back in like 2003, she started dating my twin (fraternal) brother whiles I was living at his house. I thought that was a pretty odd thing to do. Not to say my bro isn't worth a lady's time, but I gotta think part of her motivation may have been a sorry attempt at making me jelly. Of course, I didn't give a fuck, but thought it quite a retarded thing for her to do.

In 2005 my older bro died of cancer. He managed a popular bar downtown and there were hundreds of people at the funeral. The reception or whatever afterwards was held at the bar and many people attended.

When I got to the bar, the retarded girl walks up to me and she doesn't say "hi, sorry about your bro" or any such appropriate thing. No, the first thing she does is ask if my twin bro is coming!

Number one, of fucking course he was coming. Number two, that's pretty fucking rude and you gotta be a total fucking retard not to know it. Number three, this seemed like a pretty transparent attempt at making me jelly.

Well I wasn't, because woman, you are fucked-up in the head and I don't have the tiniest bit of interest in you!!!

So anyhow, the retarded girl and I have a mutual friend. A nice gal who lives out west and has been tight with the 'tarded girl since high school.

I was talking to her on the phone recently and she mentioned that in a recent chat with the retarded gal, the tard had asked who she'd seen on a previous visit to Connecticut. My name was mentioned, and apparently the retard reacted with "Oh, he hates me!" or something like that.

When I heard that, I guess it sorta steamed my clams. First of all, I never showed her any indication of bad feelings toward her, because I couldn't be more indifferent towards her existence. I'd always been friendly with her from the times I'd seen her while dating my twin bro to the time at the funeral. For example when she asked if my bro was coming, I didn't tell her she's a retard. I was friendly and said "yeah, he should be here shortly" or whatever.

So when I heard that she thinks, or would like to think that I hate her, her motivations become pretty clear. This retard would obviously love for me to give a fuck that she dated my bro. In her goofy little mind she thinks me jelly enough to hate her!

So to cut to the chase - last night after celebrating my day with a bit of wine, I went ahead and sent the 'tard a message on facebook. First I spoke to our mutual friend, seeking permish to do so. She was not at all pleased with the idea, and maybe even begged me not to.

But I did. I simply wrote "I don't hate you, Tracy. I just think you're retarded."

Today she replied with "Wow, thanks. Not sure why you felt compelled to send me any kind of message then."

I don't plan to message her back. I'm not sure if she'll realize the mutual friend told me about her claim that I hated her. But if so, it may cause a bit of disharmony between them.

I hope not, but I'm saying "fuck it", and just enjoying having got it off my chest.

So what do you guys think? Did I do a no-no, or is it just fine what I done?

Thanks... I'll hang up and listen.

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