Dieting, Loose the weight or your soul.Gods weight calculated!

Im sure there has to be an arguement against being over weight by the church. Jesus never looks portly in any picture i have seen. Clearly jesus never made an appearance with anyone over weight unless of course you count god!! he must be big but not overly big. Surely god wouldnt need to diet under any cirumstance. Does that mean Satan is fat??? Well yes it does. With the formula i just made up i have determind god to be at least six feet tall and weigh about one hundred and eighty five pounds ,While Satan on the other hand based on the same formula Is exactly Five feet tall and over three hundred pounds. Surly god could kill satan but that wouldnt be christian, so he calls him names behind his back at partys. Back to my point If jesus was skinny and god likes skinny people surely its against the church to over eat or have a medical condition. That is wrong church how could you disslike anyone?? I mean except vegans and albinos there isnt a single person who deserves that treatment. I have also determind that the church still stones people sometimes. But only in the act of loving divinity. With stones, Fast heavy stones.And i agree with the stats It is ungodly to watch ellen. I  Also disslike oprah, just putting it out there...Man i wish i had good polish jokes...All the jokes are obvious ones. I bet it is a sin to not know a polish joke... Got any polish jokes?? Sure would like to read em..

If you read this far that might be a sin..


Uploaded 11/12/2008
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