Do you have 50 cents I can borrow?

I was thinking about this today after reading Kaustic's blog (which was EXCELLENT btw, everyone should read it). Why do all this punk ass kids always ask for change?


I was walking to my car after having dinner with my brother and my fiance and there are these three punks sitting on the brick wall, either waiting for the bus or just sitting there. Of course, one of them asks me for 50 cents. No, I don't have 50 cent to give to your fucking punk ass! I work hard for my money and you're going to sit there like a fucking waste of humanity and ask me "can I have some change?".


My fiance got into a fight with this black kid at high school once. The black kid came up and asked my fiance for a dollar. My fiance said he didn't have one to spare. As the black kid was walking away, he said, "Poor ass white boy" so my fiance came back with "broke ass negro". The guy turned around and started a fight with my fiance which a teacher promptly stopped. We were tight with the teacher so the teacher told the disciplinary that the black kid had started it.


WTF? My fiance grow up poor. His mom wasn't well off financially. So, no! He didn't have a dollar to spare. I grew up in a pretty wealthy family and I still wouldn't have given his ass a dollar. Do these people think they can come up and intimidate you into giving them money? Fuck that!

Uploaded 10/24/2008
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