Doing some eRep math

I'm doing the math for y'all, cause it seems that some of you haven't got this figured out.

For most of us, eReps is just a little bonus you're gonna receive after a few years of viewing and commenting videos, in the form of an iTune gift card. For others, it's a reward for figuring out how to find good stuff that will get featured. But for some, it's a full time job and an "investment".

Here's what eReps are actually worth: $1 is roughly equal to 1500-2000 points. With high level things like the Mustang and the XPS laptop giving you the best value for your points, and also the Amazon gift card since you can buy things on sale, while most of the rest comes out as high priced full retail value, and a little commision for ebaums. Things you can get much cheaper if you used your dollars instead of your points. 

This isn't to say it's completely stupid. People like Lorddread, DreaD08, Eastside_dave etc, have a smart system of getting points. They don't upload that much, just some sure hits, and high quality stuff that gets featured. Features is the only thing that will get you lots of points. On AVERAGE a feature gets 30-45,000 views before it's saturated and becomes only occasionally viewed. Most of these points are earned on its first week of being featured. That gives you, based on viewing, an average of 20,000 points per feature (not per day). More detail on that here

If you're working like these people, you put maybe 4-6 hours a week, to get 2-4 features a week. In eRep terms they earn around $40 a week. This is roughly the eqivalent of working $6-8/hour. That's not too bad, especially if you're doing that while you're at work :D

But most people won't get that amount of features. Mostly because whatever you find, someone most likely has already found before you. Or your stuff just wasn't what ebaums was looking for. If you get featured once in a blue moon, and start putting more than 4 hours of uploading a week, you're gonna be doing like $1/hour.

Worse, if you just go for max uploads (25/day) of junk that never gets featured, you're gonna be spending at least 14 hours a week to get 8750 points. That's the same as working for 40 cents an hour. Uploading 25 videos a day is a lot of tedious work.

If you're gonna make eRep your job or investment, you better get it right, or you'll be much better off mowing the lawn in your neighbourhood, or working nightshifts at Mcdonald's. At McDonald's, you'll earn that Xbox within 50 hours of work, as opposed to 372 hours of uploading on ebaums.That's for your average uploader, earning a healthy 10000 points a week, by putting only 8 hours a week of work(roughly 1 hour and 8 minutes a day).

Uploaded 08/16/2009
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