Drunk Again

well here I sit 5000k miles away from were I'm sposed to be ...... And Behind a keyboard alone in a hotel wonderning why the world is. Maby people are just the way they are...........who knows. I know after sipping on Jim Bean, that really it is what it is. People bitch , protest and complain and what does it do? nothing................. it's an annoyance. Ok North Korea sets off 6 nukes in one week, were still in Iraq and Afgahn. Waterboarding is inhumane...ok I fucking get it, to all those thinking they can change what happens by Bitching do a favor to everyone........STFU. You actually think your gonna do you talk shit and act hard on a blog trying to save a world you can't save. So try this instead. Try just helping one person out a day. be it ,; help somelittle kid cross the street safely. Pick up an item some one dropped because their hands were full. or just ask someone on a transit "hows it going?" little thing like that make more of a difference than focussing on the rederick Bolshit of everyday life big shit.

My opinion, Start things with baby steps. start with small shit. Tackel all the big stuff and try to act like a know it all in society or blog for that matter and it fails. Like all little bolshit adding up it adds to a nshit storm. You want to make a difference in life? Do the exact opposit and do little good things that add up to better epic things. To bad our congress, or the rest of the world for that matter doesn't get it. whao shit , spin cyc le. Just had to rant.


Uploaded 05/30/2009
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