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Now for my drunken Saturday night (Sunday morning) blog. It is almost 2am Seattle time which will show up as nearly 5am on eBaum's World ,but tonight is the night we set the clocks back so I guess it is onlt 1am Pacific Standard Time.

This is the time of year the local news runs a story about Washington State farmers donating their leftover pumpkins to the Woodland Park Zoo as hippo food. We are treated to stunning views of gaping hippo mouths receiving pumpkins tossed by zoo volunteers. First of all, who gives a fuck? Secondly, this is the same newscast we've seen for the last 20 years. EVERY FUCKING NOV. 1ST!

It is also one of the 2 times a year we will see a story of some cranky old guy in the midwest who refuses to aknowledge daylight savings time. The old codger is deemed news-worthy.

"If there's two things I don't like," croaks the walking fossil, "It's damn kids on skateboards, the government lying about what time it is in the summer, and the small typeface they print perscription instructions in!"

It is mind blowing enough that there are stubborn, old, pants-pissing relics who have such little going on in their lives that they feel the need to proclaim that changing a clock an hour +/- is the end of the world. It is a pathetic commentary on American culture that we create a market that has a need for such news stories.

Wow, it's 2:06. (Or 1:06) I'm drunk and hungry. I wonder if we have any pumpkin...

Uploaded 11/02/2008
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