Dumb people

if you hate bad grammar dont read this


so i was watching family fued and there where some answers to some questions that really puzzled me - well the first question was Name something you drag yourself out to do because you think it is good for you - the families get most of them like go to the docters or go to the gym but there are a few left out and one of them i just didnt understand - one of the answers was go to the movies i dont really understand who thinks its good for you and who drags them selves out to go see a movie - the next question that i was a little shocked by but mabey i just looked at the question in a different way - it was what is the most usefull body part from the waste up - now im thinking brain and heart are going to be top two answers - its the first two things i think of what you must have to live - but to my surprise the top answer was hands - i then fallowed this up by asking 2 other people this question and they said mouth and arms - i am just wondering if i took this second question the wrong way or are people really that dumb - even a guy on the show guessed brain and it was only 9 points - you can live without an arm or hand but you cant live without a brain -


this brings on a question have for all you people reading this - do you think those types of answers or are those people just dumb or am i really they dumb one (i probally am) also i would be interested in stories you have about just peoples dumbness surprising you :D


thanks for reading


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