eBaum's World Change Log

When Pepper Peanut suggested that I give up my time at the track, Golden Gate Fields, I thought he was crazy. His idea was a simple one, if I spend more time at work and less time squandering my family's oil fortune on the ponies, eBaum's World might not only stand a chance of survival, but improvement could become a reality for all stakeholders.  Radical, yes, doable, as you have see, yes; eBaum's has recently unveiled a number of changes to the site and it seems to be a hit with everyone but Used Car Man.  Here's whats new incase you've been in prison over the past couple of months:

  • Added a new layout design to the site header
  • Added site navigation with drop-down menu support to the new header
  • Added the Hot Box
  • Added new layout design for the video detail page
  • Added new sub-navigation for the video detail page
  • Added new eBaum's World branded video player - player version 1.2.0
  • Added a content history tracking feature

That's a lot for a couple of folks to design and roll out in less than 9 weeks.  My hope is that users will look at these first changes as the beginning of something big.  That's what were trying to do here, connect the big picture of what eBaum's World should be to what we can accomplish between beers.  Finally, Id like to thank all the users who have provided feedback and encouragement as eBaum's World moves forward and becomes a better place for all.

Uploaded 03/09/2010
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