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Movie buffs have been talking about Avatar these last few days. I think today a lot of  good essay writing  firms and  professional writing services  agencies are creating numerous papers on this movie. No matter where I go everybody talks about it even those of my friends who are not into movies have followed the Avatar vogue. The movie has been promoted a lot but not won the precious award. In fact, I don't really understand all the film insanity. I watched the film, read many articles and critiques, visited some blogs dedicated to Avatar, but still don't know why so many people go mad about it! I like other types of films, I don't like all those special effects, I prefer original natural landscapes, a real sea and mountains Yeah, you can call me a romantic dropping behind the times, but this is what I need to feel free and unwind myself.  Actually, I like James Cameron, I love all his old films but this one is not of my kind. I will be waiting for new masterpieces differing from Avatar.

Uploaded 05/08/2010
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