Ellimem i am sorry.

Who was i to think i could out wit you. Clearly those people who "bet on you" didnt know you as a friend.....Omg how could i be sooooo foolish. to think i could even phase you in the slightest. In the kind of insignifigant way that makes you post and recheck my blogs continously.....Either you dont have a life or people are cutting their own grass.... Back to my wacky blogzzzzz i ish speeling bardly agin. wesre tahn evir aktuily.And you know what Its fun to have you get pissy. and then your friends who dont think for themselves can get just as pissy.. till my blog is full of comments. Thanks!!!!!


Ok well here is a fictional tale based on truth. the truth i made up ...

One day a tired person wrote something stupid on a Magical scroll  blog. The next day he sees some little green grass cutter gnome Got all mad over having no grass to cut ,so he went and read the tired lazy persons Magic scrole blog then in crayon wrote rude things in it. The tired lazy person didnt understand why the sad little troll didnt just leave his stupid magical blog scroll alone so he wrote the troll a letter in it. So the troll reads the letter and he gets all kinds of grumpy ,Can you say grumpy children!??? So the troll now writes that he has more magic than the tired lazy person and that is why he scribbled rude stuff in the magic scrolls. Well that doesnt make sense thought the tired lazy person "why would the grass cutting gnome care if he had magic more or less than I?" .It didnt matter the little gay pillow biting troll was mad over  acidently Mowing the wrong house. So he took a day off. When the other little trolls came along they saw what had been said to the little rude smelly dum dum troll , and how the tired lazy person responded. That made them mad!! grrr children can you say mad!!!! Well done kids! Well they decided to write more rude stuff in the magical scrolls about how the gay troll had much more magic and spirit and other gay stuff of that sort. The tired lazy person decided to ask why had the gay troll taken his agression out on him?.. well the other trolls sat in their caves and ignored the question.... They all starved to death . Some lived longer than others. eating each other bowel movements.and gerible droppings .a geribile is a magical creature who doesnt exist unless you believe, Can you all say we believe class!!??  Great see that!! he is right at your feet, oh no he got away!!.... Tricky little geribile.

The end.


Doctir lazey n tyred bitches


Uploaded 11/10/2008
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