Emotional Hippies

This is a blog as a response to a recently featured video.  When I witness these morons, all I can think of is "Holy Fuck."  I suppose if I were to categorize my general personality into a lifestyle, I guess one could classify me as a hippy.  I completely believe in being one with nature and respect the right of all living beings (although at times I believe those with brains, tongues, and fingers improperly abuse these advantages over other life forms and should really use the brain part more often).  My spiritual belief comes not in the form of a story that was written hundreds or thousands of years ago, but rather in the theory that we are possibly all one mental entity, a global collective consciousness if you will.  


Back to the video though.  Do these people even consider statistics before they over-react?  Truth is, here in the United States we now have more trees across our land, then we did when this land was discovered.  As for recycling?  I find it a hilarious joke.  Most processes for recycling products is more damaging to the atmosphere than the good they were designed for.  Mostly in the case of plastic and (yep) paper.  Tin is the only true form of recycling that is actually a good cause (ever wonder why they give you money for your soda cans?).  The truth is the recycling process was created to make jobs for us, and I am not actually downgrading this idea, but the practice of it is done all wrong.  (Speaking of useless job creation, the road industry really fucking pisses me off,  the nations of the E.U., specifically speaking Germany, have a wonderful way of going about road repair that actually makes the act unnecessary for about 10 years or so). 


Another big topic for the radical hipster hippies that do not think much about.  They do not approve the drilling for oil in Alaska, and attempt to push alternative fuel sources.  Fuck that.  Why it is true there are alternative fuel sources, the fact is our economy is so horrible that over 80% of the population have trouble obtaining one of these alternative fuel powered motor vehicles.  Drill the shit out of Alaska, pull our asses off being dependent on foreign nations and their oil, and lets so those gas prices go down to fucking 80 cents a gallon. (oh, by the way, expect a great increase once Hurrican what's-it's-fucking-name hits the coast).

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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