Encephalo flatulence volume 4 who i am to you.

I am not a person from the earth, i am a squid like alien creature male of my species, i am a person just like you, i feel and i have a body, if you prick me i bleed the same green gelatin that any hermaphroditic phase q+ egg laden male of my species bleeds, i have seek here coming from for what you ironically call your bodies even though they belong to the bums who use them like a toilet, for laying my eggs inside of, i lay eggs in all of my mates, but you are still the parent, so of course i will paralyze you with special stinging cells on the back of my scrotums. basically  you won't be able to move for 6 months while tiny half alien squid you's eat your living organs and nervous system, lastly your brain, we will make sure you live to experience this wonder of life, it will be a miracles for you to have .imagine hundreds of your offspring terrorizing the galaxy with their wicked alien love, it is like orgasm on chocolate cake at your birthday in kindergarten. please respond if interested, much love- Encephalopod.

Uploaded 08/15/2010
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