Enough of this shit.....

Lets change the subject and talk bout something besides politics, I was in Walmart today and while in line this lady grabs her son by the arm and slingshots this kid into her cart. I looked at her and smiled and said "I dont miss that" what you mean raising small kids and I replied "no throwing my dog outside because he pissed on my carpet. Now this lady really was not that far out of line I was just having a pissy day and well she was there. lol

My dad would beat your ass anytime you got out of line and he would do it anywhere you are at. lol When I started raising kids I always said I wouldn't do that and I stuck to this until one day when my middle child pulled one of her I am going to get that damn toy and if not I am going to throw a fit. I learned early on when your kid acts up pick them up immediately and remove them for the area but she pissed me off and I smacked her ass a good one right in the store. I grabbed her by the arm and we went and sat at the entrance to the store. There sitting behind this long table was a lady collecting money got it child abuse. I walked over and put a 5 in her jar and went and sat down. I call that guilt money but I never busted my kids ass in public again, I call that a cheap lesson.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 08/08/2009
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