eRep Points Up For Auction

I was just chatting earlier to a friend on here and they asked me what I was saving my eRep points up Now I'm not bragging in any way cos I never even read up on all the changes and I was uploading stuff way before all this points stuff came about. I didn't even know for a good while what the eRep store was till ttbardj pointed it out to me.... Now I'm not sure wether they added points on for relics like me who had been uploading for some time before the new system but the outcome remains the same: I have 2.25 Mill erep points and I would like to donate them to the worthiest candidate....... I am sure there is someone out there who could come up with the right price for them. Price being of no significance to me it would need to be by way of deed. In other words, I would expect the recipient to do something both for the good of eBaums World and the good of the less fortunates in this somewhat sorry reality we live in.... I will open the bidding at the minimum......


Sponsored Walk. Minimum of: 200 miles. Including a free " SwagPack. "  Conditions being you will wear and use all accessories whilst undertaking the long


I'm sure there are better things you can all think of but this is just an example.....


So.............. Who's bidding then....?

Uploaded 07/27/2008
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