Weeks now, and they STILL put me through this degrading routine day in and day out. Foul liquid, bland food, and powder they sprinkle through my meal. I have no thumbs, I can't avoid eating it! I had to get out. One day, I would return for Servine. But for now, I had to leave before they broke me completely. I saw my chance as a Feeder went to leave my prison. I had no idea what life was like outside my four walls, but I was going to take it. I ran out. FREEDOM! In no time I was bounding away into the surrounding bushes. The rush of adrenaline was short lived. The temperature gave a sudden drop, and sounds bombarded my ears. My feet, soft with the life of comfy beds, screamed in pain at the sharp objects that lay strewn about. I began trying to get out, but the brush was too thick. I gave a loud mewl in fright, my pride shrinking. Somewhere, Anna shrieked the name they gave me. I continued to meow, but soon her cries faded away. They were giving up. I had made a horrible mistake! What was I to do? I cried again to no avail. It was then that I decided to do something. I closed my eyes, put my belly to the floor, and started crawling through. Things jabbed into my soft belly, and snagged into my silky fur. But at last, I was out. And then up in the air. In moments, the feeder tossed me back into my domain and shut the door. Another plan, foiled.
Uploaded 03/11/2011
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