Evolution! Where is it?

It's easy to see something did happen that put us all on the planet. The best explanation we have today is the science of evolution and as far as evidence and experiment are concerned it's pretty solid.

But lets examine it a little more closely. The creator of the science of evolution was Charles Darwin and he himself did a lot of work to prove his point. Wouldn't it be nice to live like he did, travelling the world and not worry for money, not be homesick or concern yourself with loved ones from afar? As romantic as that seems, would it not take someone with a pretty cold heart to live like that?

When he did return home, he and his closest associates, all upper crust, decided only to mate with the best of the best, that eventually led to inbreeding and of course children with physical and mental problems.  A pretty significant mistake to make considering his thirst for knowledge and the fact that the problems with inbreeding were quite evident for hundreds of years.  Would you today, give credibility to a person who only fornicates with close family members, like a hill billy breeding colony?

From my understanding of the evolution of man, it was hunger, strife, and all kinds of obstacles and challenges that allowed us to evolve into the creatures we are today. It was daily confrontation with environment and resources that forced us to get smarter, stronger, faster. Without them we would still be sitting in trees eating bananas and grubs.

If the above is true, it causes a horrible dilemma for mankind.  What in a well developed, fully resourced, relatively safe society challenges us to evolve further? And if our evolution is halted, could this mean the possibility of going backwards is possible? Perhaps some kind of side way development  that just adds negative attributes? 

We often hear that people seem to be getting dumber, that could be because of many different reasons, but it is becoming an observable fact. Over weight people are a growing epidemic. Will evolution allow changes in our body chemistry to accept heavy caloric intake with little or no exercise? Or perhaps that gene pool will slowly die off? Afrikaners have had nutritional problems for thousands of years and still the problem exists even with the help of richer nations and modern technology. The chain of evolution seems to have halted or is non existent in many parts of Africa.  

Many cultures feel marrying within one's own  culture and racially pure society is preferred, if not outright demanded. Are there problems within societies that promote that idea?  My observations lead me to note that aggressive, compulsive people seem to flourish in those parts of the world. Personally, I feel mixed marriages are probably the healthiest for any society, it allows for larger gene pools and brings together diverse races and cultures.  This was an advantage recognized by royal families hundreds of years ago to bring war to an end. Still it wasn't long before, that that closed social class, developed mental problems that may be the reason we have a ruling class that behave like psychopaths. 

Did we evolve into what we have become, perhaps to some point a million years ago. I think there is more to it or at least the possibility of a devolution taking place. People including myself laughed when Newt Gingrich suggested that if America is to move forward as a nation then she must look to space for the answers. Considering the economic, environmental and international problems his idea seemed almost beauty contestant dumb. But perhaps he was correct as it definitely offers a great challenge to man kind. The kind of challenge that may restart the motor of mankind's evolution if there is even such a thing still in existence today.

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