This is my response to BackBaconOnaBun's blog about extreme feminism. 

I actually completely agree with him.   I'm not big on modern day feminism, which is not to be confused with the early feminists that have shaped history by fighting for the rights women have now in the western world. 

It's hypocrisy.   Eye for an eye even.   Take for example the show Crash Test Mommy.  It's a show about stay at home mothers who challenge their husbands to spend a weekend doing what they do as stay at home moms.  Mind you, most of the husbands are assholes who have no appreciation for what their spouse does.  But just imagine the hate mail one would get for creating a show called "Crash Test Construction Worker" where unappreciative women have to do their husband's job for a few days.   I very highly doubt it would be as popular a day time show.

Feminism is supposed to be about equality for both genders.   It's not equal when women are able to openly hate on men, while men are scrutinized for telling jokes, or even stereotyping.  Personally, I can take a joke as well as I can make sandwiches. (Which is pretty damn good I might add)... but this eye for an eye bullshit will never work.

So what's the problem?  Why are women so angry? What is their goal?

I don't call myself a feminist by any means (I just wouldn't make it in my field if I were), but I do have concerns.   Whenever I am confronted by a guy who assumes that I enjoy "compliments" on how sexually attracted he is to me, I get frustrated.   I feel as if I am being treated differently just because I am a girl.   Personally, and I am sure many other women are like this, despite looks, we would much rather be found interesting, smart, or kind, than sexy, hot, or fuckable.  It's like this... real equality is not just treating people in a way that you think they will like, it's about treating everyone the same.  I would definitely appreciate it if guys didn't think it was ok to approach me any differently than they would approach a guy friend of his.  If you're a guy who doesn't know how to attract women, without feeling the need to compliment their looks, or say sexual things, your game is weak - and you just don't get it. 

With that being said... we should all have a sense of humor.  I enjoy a good women joke as much as the next person, and I tell my fair share of man jokes.  Really, that's not what most feminists complain about (the rational ones anyway).    It's the expectations men have of us... what they think we're capable or incapable of.    When I'm at work, there are no other females around.  I wear my coveralls and safety glasses... no make up, or manicures.  I get along best with the guys who don't treat me differently... the ones that don't insist on helping me unless I ask, the ones that don't bother to take the pornography down, the ones that know I can take a joke, and will poke fun at me - just like they do with the guys.   THAT'S Equality. 

It's not about man-bashing, getting angry, being proud, taking control... none of that.   I understand that there will always be pricks, just as there will always be cunts.... it should be decent people against those, not one gender against the other.
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