First time condoms

djohns blog made me think it'd be a fun idea to open a blog for people to tell funny stories about the first time (or maybe any other funny times) they got condoms..

the first time i got condoms was about a year and a half ago i'd say. i did it while i was at work since i work in a grocery store and thought it'd be convenient. so my best friend slash co-worker and i went down the condom aisle and are just looking at all these boxes not really sure what kind to get, my bf didn't really give me any direction, just that it was my turn to get them... well as were franticly looking, this old creeper comes up to us (like 60..seriously) and says "what kind of lubracant would you young ladies recomend?" well obviously we were a bit taken aback and he just laughs to himself and walks away. so i grab a box and head for the self-check aisle. as were waiting in line the store manager, Al, comes up to us and starts to say something about how we can't take breaks together, looks doen at my hands and sees the black and gold box of magnum condoms (my bf was pretty i miss him sometimes..) and just looks away and says, "oh..nevermind.." and i bagged them and ran back to the starbucks..

yea it's not that great of a story but at the time it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life..

so whos got a better one?

Uploaded 09/19/2008
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