Floater Fridays!

ok everyone... here it is.  i started it among my buddies a little under a year ago and it is still going strong.  here is a little history.  ever friday, i would get to work, have my breakfast, finish my coffee and head off to the toilet hoping that today's drop off would be at least be a little different from yesterday.  i soon found that every day seemed the same and doing my duty became boring.  since i eat pretty much the same stuff, the toilet would fill with the same stuff.  so i started floater fridays.  just to spice up my life and the life of the person who enters the stall after me.  so every friday, here is what i do:

after entering the bathroom i grab a paper towel and walk to a random stall. i then open the towel on the floor in front of the toilet.  i then sit and do my dudy placing all of the wipings on the paper towel.  then, i carefully wrap up the paper towel full of wipings into a ball and place it behind the toilet.  the next part is tricky.  you have to wait till nobody is in the bathroom.  this could take time if everyone in your office is on a similar shitting schedule.  finally, when nobody is in the bathroom, you quickly open the door and run to a urinal.  i usually stand there for a couple of minutes hoping that someone will come in and walk into my stall to see my friday floater.  i have only had that happen once.  and the reaction is exactly what i expected... a slight gag and a huff and puff and they switch stalls.  every other time i stood at the urinal and got bored and then washed my hands and went back to my desk...

everyone in my office thinks im smiling becuase the weekend starts at the end of the day...  little do they know... its floater friday.

Uploaded 11/07/2008
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