1) Has anybody ever eaten a "Volcana Taco" from Taco Bell? I never wanted to waste my money on it because I mean, the fire sauce is good enough for me. I'll buy that .89 cent bean and rice burrito and slap on some fire sauce, deelish. Is it good or what?

2) I'm pretty upset that my favorite cheap beer, PBR, had raised their price on a 30 case. Very dissapointing. It was somewhere along the lines of 11.50 and now it's 14 something. I honestly can't stand Miller High Life, Miller Lite or any of the Miller products. It just taste like bologna and yeast farts.

3) If you live in the city or are of Mexican heritage, help a sister out. "Elote" is fucking awesome but I can never seem to make it like they sell it on the street. One of my favorite parts of living in Chicago is how cheap they sell it (.75 cents for a 12oz cup) and the ice cream man on the bike! I can't get enough.

4) McDonald's (a former employer of mine... I'm a winner) has taken the Double Cheeseburger off the $1.00 menu and replaced it with the McDouble. The difference? One less piece of cheese. Fun Fact: McDonald's onions (the ones found on the double cheeseburger, hamburger and cheeseburger) come in a bag. If you shake them it sounds like a moracca. All your supposed to do is put them in a tub add water and drain til there is a portion of water left. Enjoy. Oh and don't get me started on the fish filet.

5) For Superbowl Sunday my dad is hosting a party and I'm making raviolli and cheese bites. Another favorite finger food of mine is chips and dip. Take sour cream and cream cheese. Mix til soft and add cut and dried Hormel beef strips. <<< That's what I'm talking about. Mix together and serve with Ritz crackers or whatev and it's fucking good.


I'm just really fucking hungry, sorry about the food ramblings. All I have to eat are Tom-Tom tamales and Rice Krispies. Fuck whole milk, I'd rather have 2%... who's with me?






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