Hey first off, schwheelie you have an awesome dog maybe you can loan the dog to dontmesswithmeh seeing how she thinks someone is outside her house with their car running and watching her, but making sure he goes and gets gas then comes back and wastes the gas some more to watch her. 

dontmessiwithmeh??  How do you know that he leaves to go get gas??  Your story is such a stuipd blog story, you made it all up and you just wanted to get sympathy from all the other bloggers and all the commenters out there.  At least with schwheelie you could feel the fear she had just by reading what she typed in her blog...with you.....meh it makes it sound like you're a 10 year old boy trying to act like a girl that is scared so people can post comments so you have something to read!!

Oh my gosh why do we have people that...nevermind I wont go there not today know these past couple days I have been trying to think about what I could blog about and I was just sitting back commenting others and then the 2 blogs about

1-a burglar, and schwheelie's awesome blind dog that almost killed him!! 

2-a creep outside the house with his car running watching dontmesswithmeh but he makes sure he leaves to go get gas and comes back to watch her some more, all while his car is running.

Well I don't know about any of you but dontmesswithmeh is a douche bag!!  Go look that up in your urban dictionary and it will tell you what it means you little 10 year old boy!!

Now on to my blog

It was a stormy night and I was watching....ha ha just kidding I don't really have a blog!

Uploaded 08/01/2008
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