Fourth Wall part 3

Well no one seems to be reading, but what the hell here's another part of the story. Same warnings apply, as always feedback is apreciated.



He couldn't remember how many nights it had been that he had held her like this. Or that she ahd held him. Far off in his room away from the mundanes.
'Come with me..'           
She said that so many times. He wished so often that she had some place to take him. Anywhere but here. His pack was all that kept him from wandering off into the abyss, and even that was falling apart.
"I would go with you."
He felt her compel him to get off the bed. He did so, beyond the ability to wonder how she made him do anything when he couldn't even see her.
Everything wasn't. It didn't fade. It just suddenly wasn't. And then it was again. But it was diferent.
It was like standing on nothing. A very solid nothing. nothing that held like firmament.
He felt her release his hand and saw around him he was outside. But this wasn't the outside he remembered. It looked like none had ever walked on it.
In front of him, she was there. He knew it was her.
He noticed first the prominent arrangement her hair had, as if she was constructing a masterpeice atop her head. A single strand hadn't moved as she came towards him, striding in a way that made it apear her legs bent backwards like a wolf. Just a small selection of them framed her pale face. When she got close enough, he realized she didn't quite reach his height. She had always been his height when he couldn't see her before.
His impulse should have been a question. about where he was or what just hapened. But instead his first impulse was to reach out and caress the side of her face. Her skin felt the same as it had before.
She said nothing, but looked immensely pleased.
She took him in her arms then, and he wondered if she was ever going to speak. She held him with something that felt like more then an embrace, more firm and bold then he remembered her being.
"This world is ours. We can be alone here."
Not the words he expected, but they explained all he cared to hear.

"Was I just wandering around in the forest for all that time? I was gone, I couldn't have been in a coma."
Julianna shrugged. his speculation didn't require input. "Put on some pants before you come in. You know how the cat likes things that dangle."
He tried not to laugh as he got out of the car, tossing his clothes down in her driveway. Her comment had nothing to do with the conversation, but it was perhaps much more valid anyway.

Deep in the realm of who the hell knows where. Being held in that possesive way that should have driven him crazy. Nathaniel couldn't help but feel he'd never felt more right before. It was alot of little things that got to him. Like how she wouldn't let him touch her hair near the top. Never a rule that made sense. She was very defensive about her elaborate hairstyle that she never took down.

He still found no need for his clothes. Other then to protect his nakedness from feeling julianna as she pounced on him like some hungry cat stalking it's prey. this was always her favorite game.
He flipepd her off of him and curled around, kneeling over her in the alpha roll position. Any observer would think they were crazy.
He held her down effortlessly, wondering why she wasn't trying to get up.
Juliana arched her back, trying to push him off, still looking amused.
he felt his excitement sink. He had forgotten how much stronger he was then her.
Ashe was unbelievably strong. She would never have given him this opportunity. If it were ashe under him he'd have taken her there. He's have extracted every last piece of his broken manhood from her unwilling form. He'd have made her beg for him. She would have submitted to him.
He was breathing harder, his eyes flickering to that look males get when they switch into the part of the mind that has nothing to do with being human and everything to do with instinct and desire.
"I think you should get off me."
his fingers curled around the back of her head. "What if I don't want to."
This wasn't right. Julianna wasn't Ashe. She was his little sister. He protected her, he didn't dominate her. He didn't treat her this way.
She looked like she would respond and his mind cursed at him. She would be willing. Worse then that, she wanted him.
'shit...shit...shit' he screamed at himself while he saw her crane her head up and close the remaining space between them.
He felt himself respond and cast his humanity away. If he would do this, he would not be here to witness it. He had too many problems with this act, but he knew the creature had no such qualms. As it uncurled itself and strained against it's confines, it would have no problem with what she wanted.
a low growl erupted from him as the doubt drained from his eyes. There was nothing human there any longer. He would take her. He would make her submit. She smelled so much of heat, he could only respond one way.
He turned her over unceremoniously and lifted her off the bed by her hips, letting her knees fall into place under her. he settled her ankles apart and held fast to the back of her neck, pulling away his loose garment and kicking it down off his ankles.
She pulled forward unconsciously at the feel of his teeth against her skin. did he always do it like this? She was grateful she never wore pants, always just a skirt, as he would probably ruin them with his lack of reasoning.
He continued holding her there, despite the vague knowledge that she wouldn't move away if he wasn't. This one didn't smell like his mate, but little difference that made.
As she felt him enter her it occurred to her that he wasn't using protection. Too late now. She didn't think it would be easy trying to force a condom over the phallus of a creature that couldn't currently understand the use of one. these thoughts dissolved quickly enough and she could think of nothing else but the feel of him inside her.

'You never took me that way Nathaniel...'

He ignored the voice of his mate and focused at the task at hand. this female submitted to him so easily. How could he not take her?

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