Frighteningly Awesome

Okay, so many of you know that I have a massive fear of spiders.  I don't like them, and I don't want to be near them.  Daddy Long Legs and Tarantulas are okay though.  Not sure why, but they don't bother me.

So, anyway, we have this Banana Spider that has decided to make it's web right outside our back door.  Jacob had to convince me that killing it was not a good idea because it eats all sorts of bugs and other spiders, but doesn't go for humans. 

Yesterday, I was glad I didn't make my husband kill it.  Because yesterday, I was moving a box and found a black widow.  I about pissed myself.  I call the hubs over and point at it while whimpering like a scared dog, telling him to kill it.  Well, he gets ready to whack the little fucker when he comes up with a brilliant idea.

"Why don't we put him in the banana spider's web and see who wins?  I'll be the banana spider will!  They're really territorial."

So, I get him a jar and he catches the black widow.  The rest went down like this:

DSCF4379-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

Now, meet the Banana Spider, who we have given the name Nanners.

DSCF4384-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

He's creepily awesome looking, and such a badass that he's missing a leg.

DSCF4387-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

Well, Jacob got the widow out of the jar with some fishing pliers.

DSCF4397.jpg Let's get ready to rumble! picture by kittyhasclaws

And stuck him on Nanners' web...  And, well...

DSCF4399-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

Nanners kicked his widow ass!

DSCF4403-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

The widow was dead within 5 seconds, I shit you not.

DSCF4405-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

And that was all there was left of the Black Widow.  Nanners was quite proud of his accomplishment and let it stay out on display for a while before eating it.

DSCF4407-1.jpg picture by kittyhasclaws

So, yeah...  Nanners is pretty much alright in my book.  I still don't want to go near him because he freaks me out, but he can stay right where he is.  No death sentence for him.

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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