That's how i decided was the best way to start this blog-o-rama, by laughing at all three of these miserable, miserable teams.

Hey PATS fans, fuck you, turns out your team is BULLSHIT without your pretty boy quarterback as predicted by me, the Giants' fan.  You all claimed so rigorously at the beginning of the season that Brady wasn't your whole team and that you had enough talent to do plenty of damage without him...HAHA GUESS NOT!  Looks like without good old Tommy pickin apart defenses, your offense is useless and can be read like a book.  So much for the dynasty, you guys got wasted the last half of the season like a bunch of miserable ass punks.  Can't wait to see how Brady the Bitch plays next season now that he found out he isn't indestructible.  My guess is that he plays like a dog that got kicked one too many times and quits after 2 more seasons, cause he's afraid to get hit, which is why we fucked you up in the superbowl because we ate his bitch ass up every other down.  And just for good measure, I'd like to remind you all of 18-1.  Blow me.

JETS you're fellow new yorkers, so I'll take it easy.  This is what you get for paying millions of dollars for a grandpa on your team.  I mean, lets be real, Farve WAS good, like 8 years ago, but you paid millions for a geriatric, and this is what you get.  How awesome is it that Pennington is in the playoffs with the fuckin DOLPHINS, and you couldn't get in with BRETT FUCKING FARVE running your offense.  haha you guys suck so hard.  The guy stays around for an extra season just to end it all on an interception haha, what a joke.

COWBOYS - FUCK YOU! hahahaha, you guys are fuckin miserable!  You were first and second in the division for weeks 9-13 and you still couldn't make the playoffs!! HAHAHAHAHAH!! DALLAS IS MISERABLEEEEEEE!!  T.O. can cry on Romo's shoulder while he gives him a reacharound.  Romo's a homo, go Giants.



I'd just like to say that all you fans can lick my hairy sack, and that the Giants are the best team in the NFL, even without plaxico, because we're fuckin deep in our offense and we have the best defense in the league hands down.  Anyone who would like to disagree, I'd like to refer you to last seasons superbowl, this seasons stats, and every announcer on ESPN who agrees with us, no matter what you say.  Fuck all of your teams, and have a great post season watching other cities compete.  Sha-blow me.



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